Engineering & analysis

Industrial design

The design is the language of a brand. At Branka we look for functional efficiency and aesthetics with the minimum expression but with the attention to detail that makes the difference. We analyse the different manufacturing technologies from the blank sheet of paper to find the optimum result in the products.


+ Concept design

+ Tooling design

+ Detailed engineering

+ Prototyping

Analysis & simulation

We take advantage of the most advanced calculation and structural optimisation tools in a very agile way. Our manufacturing experience allows us to validate our calculations through the extense database we continually develop with our in-house testing.


+ Linear / non linear analysis

+ Structural calculation

+ Fluid-body interaction

+ Empirical validation

Lightweight engineering

More and more, the elements we are surrounded by require being lighter, stronger and with better performance. Our expertise in composite materials and the know how in manufacturing technologies allows us to design ultralight solutions in your projects.


+ Structural lightweighting

+ Topology optimisation

+ Hybrid structures

+ Generative design

Material & process engineering

Materials' science will play a critical role in the technological development of the following years. Branka invests heavily in the research and development of state of the art manufacturing technologies and new materials for very diverse applications.


+ Composites, metals & polymers

+ Process optimisation

+ Joining technology

+ Testing & validation