Autonomous technology

Modular USV

We design and build multipurpose uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs). Monohulls and multihulls up to 12 m in length with conventional or electric propulsion. Versatile solutions that are easily adaptable to different applications. Discover our models:


+ Smart 2.0 - Compact, light, inshore.

+ Lynx 4.0 - Dismountable, efficient, agile.

+ Selma 5.5 - Long distance and solar energy.

+ Ranger 6.0 - Robust, fast and versatile.

+ Explorer 8.0 - Large payload and long distance.

Skipper technology

The hardware and control software of our Skipper system for uncrewed surface vehicles allows us to customise many aspects offering a very intuitive remote control experience to the user.


+ Autopilot with Smart speed control

+ Sensor and actuator integration

+ Failsafe safety mechanism

+ Autonomous conversion kit

+ Modular architecture

Communications & Control

We design and integrate different communication technologies tailored to the specific needs of each project. Our remote control stations are customisable for each user.


+ Multiple control

+ Modular control station

+ Redundant communications

+ Encrypted IP comms

+ Joystick / 4G / Radio / Satellite


We offer uncrewed marine operation services for different applications. We have versatile solutions with modular architectures that can easily adapt to the specific needs of your missions.


+ Oceanography

+ Offshore energy

+ Fishing and aquaculture

+ Rescue and security

Research & Development

The autonomous marine technology is rapidly evolving towards increasingly more sophisticated solutions. Branka researches on the latest generation technology which will shape the future of marine automation.


+ Collaborative integration

+ Obstacle avoidance

+ Augmented reality

+ Machine vision