Solutions & sectors


Our composite expertise allows us to develop ultralight solutions for the advanced industrial manufacturing improving the efficiency of the production lines in highly automated factories. Lighter, faster and more accurate solutions.


+ Delta robots

+ Modular systems

+ Ultralight end-of-arm tooling

+ Special machinery and tooling


Turnkey solutions for the electric mobility sector. Ad hoc developments in photovoltaic technology and tailored projects for the challenges of the offshore industry.


+ Fast charging stations

+ Integrated solar energy

+ Solutions for oil & gas

+ Electrical isolation



Autonomous marine systems and high performance boatbuilding. We design and build custom solutions for the offshore industry, research or maritime security.


+ Composite boatbuilding

+ Autonomous marine technology

+ Marine electric propulsion

+ Structural optimisation


New manufacturing process development for the railway industry. Structural lightweighting and composite migration for the mobility and automotive sectors.


+ Solutions for the railway sector

+ Automotive composites

+ Simulator equipment

+ Structural analysis


We have reinforcement systems and on site application solutions for the repair and reinforcement of concrete, steel and wooden structures. We offer turnkey solutions for integral upgrades.


+ Structural calculation

+ Bending, shear and compression

+ Civil, petrochemical and energy

+ Repair kits


Composite material solutions for X-ray translucent radiology equipment. Additive manufacturing prototypes and serial production for the medical sector.


+ MRI components

+ Transfer boards

+ Carbon fibre prosthesis

+ Rapid prototyping


Composites occupy a relevant place in the science industry. We collaborate with the greatest international experts in the field for the development of unique solutions to the biggest challenges of science.


+ Technical graphites

+ Ultra-precision

+ Optical engineering

+ RF transparency


We work with the best specialists in radar absorbing materials and RF engineering. We design and build specific solutions to the most demanding challenges.


+ Composite radomes

+ Antennas and covers

+ Integrated masts

+ RF components



We do not stop researching on materials, processes and systems that lead to disruptive solutions for our most innovative clients. Our R&D lab is where we draw our exciting future.


+ Composite materials

+ Advanced manufacturing

+ Autonomous technology

+ Sustainability